Disciplines and Rituals

一貫道佛規禮節 I-Kuan Tao Disciplines and Rituals is a new English translation, completely rewritten to be much more accurate than previous editons. Tao cultivators may request free copies at the Temple, or download the free PDF edition. Introduction to the New Edition by Bill Bunting Hi, I’m Bill Bunting from Indianapolis, one of the participants in […]

Ching Ko

清口 The Ching Ko ritual is for I-Kuan Tao practitioners who wish to commit to a vegetarian lifestyle. It is also a requirement for those who wish to become Shrine Owners. Some describe the Ching Ko as the vegetarian vow of I-Kuan Tao. In truth, the essence of Ching Ko goes beyond vegetarianism. In Chinese, […]

The Meaning of Rituals

The Meaning of Rituals

There is a question about rituals that comes up from time to time: “Why do we need to practice any rituals at all? Aren’t rituals all about dogma? And isn’t dogma the opposite of the Tao, which is all about freedom?” This is an idea that makes sense to those caught in the trap of […]