Disciplines and Rituals

一貫道佛規禮節 I-Kuan Tao Disciplines and Rituals is a new English translation, completely rewritten to be much more accurate than previous editons. Tao cultivators may request free copies at the Temple, or download the free PDF edition.

Introduction to the New Edition
by Bill Bunting

Hi, I’m Bill Bunting from Indianapolis, one of the participants in the Sunday Tao Study Group with Derek. I just want to let you know that this book is absolutely wonderful, it is the clearest, most easy-to-read and easy-to-understand version of the practices I have ever seen. The romanization system makes it easy to pronounce Chinese correctly. That is something I hold dear, because even though I don’t speak Chinese, I perform the rituals in Chinese to preserve the original meaning and content, to help me learn more, and to pronounce the language more correctly. I recommend this to all English-speaking members of the temple no matter where they are, because this will help to complete their education in the root disciplines that every cultivator of the Tao teachings must know in order to grow properly.I made a point of speaking specifically about this new translation and interpretation during my time Sunday to communicate to the other English-speaking members how important this book is, and how necessary it is to their understanding, spiritual growth and life education. I think Derek has exceeded the highest levels of excellence in this new version of Disciplines and Rituals.

Since I love and embrace the teachings of the Tao with all of my heart and do my very best to show others this sacred and wonderful truth, I have been given a powerful tool to help create understanding and clarity among the English-speaking public. I can’t thank Derek enough for the hard work and dedication that must have been required to perform this monumental task.

From my heart, I want to thank all of you there that have made this tremendous resource available to me and the other English-speaking members. I’m not sure yet if everyone knows yet the value of this masterwork, but I intend to make it part of my mission to make sure they find out. Once again, from my heart and soul, thank you very very much.